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Wonk'd: Res Ipsi Loquitor?! I Hardly Even Know Her!

Wonkette has made no secret of our obsession with the delectable Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, but gossip about the equally scrumptious Colonial President has been hard to come by. Languish in ignorance no longer, dear readers! One dedicated tipster has finally spotted Laura Roslin out on the town: at a (dare we say romantic) dinner with Evelyn Lang, no less:

I sat two tables away from President Roslin and Justice Lang at a swanky off-Beltway restaurant. They appeared to be having a heated but friendly argument, and were generally acting very chummy. The bottle of Chardonnay they drank may have helped grease the wheels of justice: when I got up to go to the bathroom, I could have sworn I caught them playing footsie.

Forget separation of powers -- we want to watch!

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that's hot.

I commend the ladies for doing their part to foster intergalactic harmony. It's President Roslin's duty to set a good example for her people during their transition to life on Earth, of course.