Secret Bio-Cylon Prisoner?

Colonials withholding intelligence about the cylon threat

MARCH 19--Little information has been coming out of closed UN negotiations with Colonial representatives, but some noble patriot finally decided to throw us a bone by passing this Fleet memo along to the news media. While its precise implications are unclear, it confirms rumors that, despite public assurances to the contrary, the cylons pose a continuing threat to global security. While UN and US defense forces are evidently privy to this fact, the Colonials now appear to be selectively withholding intelligence about the cylons. In particular, the document refers to highly sensitive prisoners. This, combined with a mysterious mention of "bio-cylon development," has led some to speculate that said prisoners may actually be human-type cylons. National Security Advisor Kate Harper has logged the memo, but, along with other US and UN officials, refuses to comment. President Roslin has publicly stated that closed sessions have been mutually agreed upon by all parties at the summit to facilitate negotiation in good faith. She reiterated her commitment to an open dialogue with the planet's leaders, but emphasized that the Fleet remains under Colonial sovereignty, and in these conditions discretionary protocols are routine. (1 page)


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