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I am almost as in love with CJ Cregg (West Wing) as I am with Janeway. do you notice a pattern emerging here? commanding and foxy older women who never get enough sex because they are so entangled in their righteous, high-powered careers, perhaps? sadly, there isn't a torrent of CJ slash out there, probably due to what I admit is a lack of canonical subtext, but what there is is some damn fine reading:

The West Wing Femslash Archive
has virtually all stories produced through May 2003. and you should read them all, because who could ever get enough of CJ -- but Suki's duet Secret Handshakes and Dressing Down stands out, as does everything by the incomparable Ellen Milholland.

The West Wing Slash Archive
includes most of the above, and is still updating! of the new stuff, the CJ/Abby series by Penumbra is notable.
you could also try the girlslash section of The Icon's Archive. then there's black thumb by aj, which doesn't seem to be archived.

the Wing Swing 2002 is like a great big birthday present from the faniverse. I thought all the stories were archived at sites above but now I think maybe they're not -- go see. imagine my elation when I learned there is now a Wing Swing 2004! as always, it's hard to choose, but the CJ-lust in Angie's Spin in a Circle of Gold, Justice Lang action in Success by Delightfully Eccentric, and KeldaryB's take on Amy/Abbey in (Let Me) Fall Into Your Hands really especially got me going. and I even got to participate in Wing Swing 2006!

CJ Central [wayback]
is a helpful collection of links.


what started out as just a fling with Detective Olivia Benson (as slashed with her babealicious Assistant DAs Alex and now Casey) on Law & Order: SVU has turned into so much more. when I first added her to this page I complained of the overall mediocrity of the available fiction, but I'm getting the distinct sense that this fandom is gathering momentum after the trememdous, delicious onscreen angst in the episode "Loss" that aired this past fall (2003). judge for yourself by perusing what is, as far as I can tell, a wondrously complete list of links to all sorts of SVU girlslashy stuff (I won't bother repeating sites that are there).
recs so far are here or here; more coming someday.


I also had a memorable affair with the impossibly, tragically gorgeous Dana Scully (X-Files). one stop shopping at the revamped ScullySlash archive (or the old site is still up). I can't promise to have read anything not archived there, but that sure is a lot.
not many options for canonical pairings for this show either, until Reyes came along, so there are a lot of Mary Sue (original character) romance novels -- many of which are highly diverting, if you like that sort of thing. Radclyffe is the unchallenged master of this genre (with Genesis), and in contrast her Games series is one of the kinkier and more interesting Scully slash moments out there.
then there's the boundless joy of Scully/Reyes -- thank goodness that ship finally picked up steam. [recs someday]


I just haven't come across much Farscape girlslash of note, which is a shame because I have such a weakness for hot aliens. maybe that's because I just haven't looked hard enough *hopeful*? I will grovel before anyone who points me toward quality Aeryn/Zhaan stories. try smutscape for what there is, or standout Once a Peacekeeper here.


I do so enjoy a spot of Harry Potter. one of the few fandoms where I care not a whit whether it's slash or het -- Hermione, Snape, or various twisted Malfoys and Blacks -- as long as it's angsty and dark and evil. perhaps it's not so surprising that childrens' books have yielded one of the kinkiest fandoms. problem is, it's tremendous, and in no way shape or form do I have time and energy for a comprehensive study. I'm keeping a random and not at all complete list of girlslash fics that take my fancy here (and as that's getting rather lengthy, I made an abridged version). 2nd Song by eudaimon deserves a special mention. and there's a bunch of HP girlslash recs on my todo list. beyond that, you're on your own.

for HP and your sundry other recs needs, you should also visit

|| multiple ||

I have a special awe for those prolific authors who work their genius across multiple fandoms, doing magical things with more than one of my girlfriends. here are my favorites.

Ellen Milholland
is something else. I can't possibly do recs, except to say: everything. and she wrote another breathtaking J/7 story, scars, that doesn't appear on her home page for some reason.

is promiscuous -- she writes a little bit of everything. her Trek is best when it's bringing into focus those things that otherwise hover around the edges, with mind-bending oddities like Pheobe Janeway's thoughts on her sister (Biology) and a sex scene between two female Qs (Unpredictable Things). AUs are often in evidence. in West Wing I'm of course especially partial to her CJ/Ainsley in Eyes Grow Feet, which forms a delightful trio of Mandy-angst with Bound To Be Moving On and Margarita Madeleina. there's a particularly tragic Scully/Reyes, The Empty Corners. then there's Objects in the Mirror (Olivia/Alex), which I love the most.

not jenny
moody, atmospheric, bittersweet, impressionistic, surprising little non-narrative vignettes. that is, another in the same vein, which I happen to especially appreciate. I associate the style with West Wing fic, but these people are writing all sorts of stuff, gorgeously. here there's bits of Janeway (all this is window dressing) and Olivia (my city of rain) and Scully (what's left is magic) and CJ (and another angel earns his wings) and Aeryn.

Michelle K
is committed to developing the art of short fic -- though her more involved stories are delightful too. keep in mind that she writes a lot of drabbles and time-limited pieces, lest you be immediately overwhelmed by her sheer prolificness. there's a bewildering array of fandoms represented here, but West Wing (most especially Donna) is definitely her first and foremost love. [will put up recs -- if I ever manage to read it all...]

the stylus
there's a J/7 (These Hands) and a CJ/f (Places People Live), and many other lovely things.

there might be a couple girlslash stories here. but mostly just because it's Sab, who is brilliant.

and now, girlslash archives and links...

{aLL about LoVe}
want a second opinion? links here to a selection of some of the best of the best in Voyager, X-files, West Wing (and Xena) girlslash. via wayback machine.

Passion and Perfection
this multi-fandom girlslash archive has a strong Voyager showing, almost all T/7. also my favorite destination for SVU, with relatively frequent updates.

Pink Rabbit Subtext Zone
all f/f fanfic, all the time -- satisfy your assorted girly cravings with this archive. there's good J/7 here, some of it not found anywhere else.

Girl Bitz
seems to have already archived many of my faves! has also died, so that's the index page, at least, via wayback machine.

:( wtf? informative and hopefully growing database of girlslash sites from various fandoms (and original lesbian fic). now via wayback machine.

GreenEgret's F/F Slash Links (2002)
quite comprehensive -- a useful resource, particularly for more obscure girlslash fandoms. sadly, it has died. via wayback machine.

|| authors ||

one upon a time, I thought I was old and wise and had read all the J/7 there is. then, I learned that the internet is a very big place where there is always more to discover. back in 1997 when we first met Seven, who would have guessed this was going to be such a huge phenomenon? So, I have no ambitions of compiling a complete list of Janeway slash (scroll down for links to those who do); what follows is a probably bizarre and eclectic list of my personal favorites.

Boadicea and Kelly and august
angst was never so delicious.  this is the crème de la crème of short J/7 -- and if you're not morally opposed to hetsmut, they'll get you addicted to Kashyk too. really, I couldn't gush enough about how stunning this writing is. read it all! but especially B's The Dress and V-E Day and K's Exchange (J/Nechayev) and Bonds and the collaboration Visitor to get you started on Kashyk.
and here's also an interview and another interview with Kelly

Robin Lawrie
is my one of my most favorite writers and people from ASCEM back in the day. check out Fair Game and Clean Canvas and I'm sure you'll agree that she is one sick puppy, in the best possible way!

Angelina Vansen
dark dark dark, even for me, but perversely exquisite and true. every one is astonishing, so it's hard to choose, but I'd recommend A Thousand Beautiful Things for something gentle, In the Garden Sleeps a Messenger for something shocking.

R. Schultz
wacky, effusive, and thoroughly smutty novellas that always manage to be more than the sum of their parts. Rich's very original worlds (think futuristic sex toys and age-defying medical treatments -- and that's not even the ubers) seem off at first, but then sneak up on you, get under your skin to leave you smiling and feeling dirty. among my favorites are Byzantine and The Best Spot (uber). ["uber"=familiar characters in a made-up setting]

Jane St. Clair
A Kiss on the Body Electric is perhaps the single most acclaimed J/7 story. also, an interview.

The Secret Logs of Mistress Janeway is about as mainstream as lifestyle bdsm can get -- NovaD actually appears in the documentary "Trekkies."  it's also about as warm 'n' fuzzy as bdsm can get, so don't be scared. quite a long and addictive serial, which includes both slash and hetsmut (J/C alert!).

the Voyager stuff is shamelessly smutty, especially Seven Sins.

now, here's where I have to confess that, despite my tendencies as an author, I am not always a hurty, angsty girl. I have a not-so-secret appreciation for mushy lesbian romance -- when it's well written, and of course smutty. if you do too, read on...

Liz Griffin
the zenith of J/T romance -- engaging and drool-worthy. and it's dead -- but seems to mostly be archived. [update: it's back up!]

Tenderware and friends
lots of delightful oddities here, but Bride of Arachnia in particular is not to be missed. make sure you scroll down to visit the beautiful original artwork and J/7 pulp covers, and the rousing rant Why NOT with Captain Janeway?

Gina Dartt
the reigning queen of J/7 romance. she's frighteningly prolific -- you can live literally years of Janeway and Seven's life together here. frankly, I can only take so much of this, but it is a must see. The Just Between... series is the classic.

Anik LaChev
reading the remarkable uberfic Campus made starting grad school so much less painful. this is one of those novels that you just can't put down.

Bailey B
only a few stories here so far, but all are exquisite. I won't spoil the surprises.

|| archives ||

Janeway Fest (2005)
well, what are you waiting for?

The Femme Fuh-Q Fest
this email list community releases a new round of f/f Trek stories every 3-4 months, and all past stories are also archived. uncommon characters and pairings are encouraged, and some very interesting work has come out of this group.

The Paradoxical F/F Archive
I can't speak for the other series, but the list of stories in the VOY section offers a thorough introduction to Voyager girlslash.

Perfect Misfists
Torres/Seven archive and community. if you read enough of this pairing it sorta starts to make sense -- the hot Klingon lovin' featured in the adult section doesn't hurt.

Reverend Jim
used to have a divine J/T archive that included a number of unparalleled ubers and holodeck fantasies. tragically, it vanished ages ago, never to be seen or heard from again. if you have information about the whereabouts of this site, its owner, or the stories therein, I'd appreciate any tips. here's the archive index page @ wayback machine. it seems none of the stories are stored *weeps* -- but they could possibly be unearthed from elsewhere.

Infinity Complex
the most Voyager girlslash you will find in one place, and worthwhile for that reason alone. though quantity seems to be emphasized over quality. also, the site crashes my browser, so I haven't been there in a while. oh well, this archive has died. here it is on wayback machine -- 3 of the 4 story index pages are archived, so you can at least get a list of most of what was there.

Die J/C Die
a fanfic fest with one simple purpose: "Break up J/C in any way possible, without killing either Janeway or Chakotay. J & C don't even have to be in a relationship for you to break it up. The mere notion, even an idea of J/C, is enough to warrant our fervent desire to stomp and stab it to death. The messier the J/C death, the more fun it is." round 3 in 2005.

Kinky Korner
lovingly compiled archive of Trek stories that feature BDSM.

Better Living Through Trek Stories
all Trek fic, all the time. and the folks from this list are big on quality.

Best of Trek
stories make it into this archive by recommendation only.

Trekiverse (alt.startrek.creative archive)
about as official and complete as you can get. try the search function here if you're looking for a story you can't find anywhere else, including those from defunct archives.

|| links pages ||

J/7 Blue Awards
I was quite impressed by the volume and quality of the stories and authors that ended up on this list of nominations. it's well worth taking the time to explore them.

Vaxen's Voyager Indexes
an impressively obsessive table of J/7 authors/stories -- it doesn't get more complete than this.

|| general ||

jslash7 livejournal
because it's there.
it you want to talk, there's also the Janeway7 and Janeway7 erotica e-lists (yahoogroups)

Alternative Quadrant
a primarily Voyager f/f web zine - not many stories here, but lots of articles and commentary.

Voyager Virtual Season Project
did you know that Voyager didn't actually end after Admiral Janeway got them home at the end of season 7? a dedicated and talented group of writers have produced the continuing saga in season 8 and now season 9. very professional (no sex here), convincing and compelling.

Delta Blues
droll summary-reviews of every episode of Voyager (click on Voyager > Review Archive at left), plus other goodies -- a very useful site for those of us who are Voyager-obsessed.  thanks Jim! also includes an extensive links page, which is a good resource for all the general stuff I haven't bothered to reference here. and Jim's stories: The Best of Both Girls, though it is not slash or smut, is one of the best Janeway/Borg stories around.

How Old is Captain Janeway?
careful exposition of several theories about this "enduring mystery." I adopted their conclusion for my own calculations.

The Lower Decks
dedicated to fanfic and other information about Voyager characters other than the senior staff. can't say I've read lots of the fic, but it's a really interesting idea. it's also a great site with a weath of other tidbits including a fanfic FAQ, stats on Voyager, maps, papers on Trek science, and of course links.

the home page of the master treksmut newsgroup, alt.startrek.creative.eroica.moderated.  also check out:
The Golden Orgasms
ASCEM's yearly fan fiction awards.

The Foresmutters Project
"an anarchic effort to put material from the earliest days of slash online" (earliest meaning mostly late '70s early '80s) -- not so diligent, but very worthy, and the material that is there is invaluable (all K/S so far).

Gay & Lesbian Star Trek
an interesting chronicle of the futile grassroots campaign to get queers represented in the shows.

"Your Guide to the Scholoarly Literature of TREK. STasis contains over 500 abstracts, summaries, and references to reliable, authoritative information sources about TREK for writers, researchers, students, reporters, editors, biographers, sociologists, journalists, and fans."

|| humor ||

TrekSmut University
my beloved alma mater, an enduring bastion of perversity. it seems the stories aren't archived here, but you can search by series for TSU in the ASC Archive. and while I'm on the subject, you can also search for Rude Person as a series -- this started out as a spoof of newsgroup trolls, but became oh so much more: the quintessential K/S tale rendered in a dazzling array of dialects and styles, including Marxist, po-mo, and Minnesotan.

The Voyager Slash-O-Matic [wayback]
o the sarcasm, o the hilarity. more fun than mad-libs. I will devise appropriate remuneration for anyone who actually writes me a J/7 story based on this.

The J-Team
are you a Believer? embrace the True Path and attain enlightenment. sanity optional. the site's dead, so I'll link to their creed via wayback (most of the rest of is is archived too).

The Coffee Nebula
visit the "scoreboards" section for diverting statistics on things like how many shuttles have been blown up, how many times Seven has said "irrelevant" and of course, a chronicle of coffee cups.

Hair Trek
top secret file on Janeway's hair.

somewhat off-topic fun in chart form: The Geek Hierarchy and The Perversions Map

believe me, I resisted for years. but if you want to be immersed in fanfic, this is the one and only place to be. first, you join. then, you search for communities (like discussion boards) and people who share your interests, and add them to your friends list (see newbieguide for the skinny on various fandoms). next, you check your friends page (an aggregator, if you know what that means) obsessively many times a day to see what people are talking about and read fic hot off the presses. and you post to communities and leave lots of comments and feedback, so people get to know you. finally, you post all about your fannish fic fixations in your own livejournal. and you can use it as a regular blog too -- there's lots of non-fandom stuff going on @ LJ.

|| articles + meta ||

Fanfic Symposium
cool and inclusive archive of columns about fan fiction.

DykesVision - Essays+Rants [wayback]
an impressively extensive list of texts about girlslash and fan fiction in general. copy is in German, but many of the links are to English pages.

KS Nicholas - Fan Fiction on the Net
the most definitive collection of all manner of fanfic links, including informational as well as story pages.
this page tragically vanished! it's back -- via wayback machine.

more articles + meta...

|| directories + etc. ||

the colossus of fanfic, notable for sheer quantity.  your favorite show is probably represented here. they recently booted out all NC-17 fic, probably because of the site's largely teen and tween clientele, so get your smut elsewhere.

"a searchable and easily updatable directory of fannish sites" (wiki!)

The Fan Fiction Directory
quite a variety! I linked to the Voyager girlslash list, but it's easy to navigate back to the beginning and find whatever tickles your fancy.

The Slash Page Database Project
another huge directory. it is still working (usually), despite the welcome message dating from 2002.

Remember Us?
archive of fanfic featuring characters of color.

Citizens Against Bad Slash
mostly I just like the name :). but there's an interesting collection of rants and resources here.

Bad Fanfic! No Biscuit!
a collection of purposely bad fic designed to amuse and educate.

(slash revolution) :: (slashers against the war)