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ask me no questions ~ [NC-17 for non-consensual sex]  2005.
on the eve of the five-year anniversary of Voyager's return, Seven's on her way home from deep space. Janeway doesn't have the answers. but a forgotten nemesis might...

eating it too ~ [NC-17 for sex, bdsm]  2003.
a "missing scene" piece for "Endgame" -- what else might Captain Janeway and Admiral Janeway learn from each other?
winner: 2nd place Janeway/female story in ASCEM's 2003 Golden Orgasm awards
winner: Silver Labia awards for Best Voyager Story and Best Overall Story in Round X of the FFF
recommended: at crack van

unimatrix minus one ~ [NC-17 for non-consensual sex]  2004.
the Borg Queen teaches Janeway a lesson.  an alternate ending for "Unimatrix Zero" part 1
winner: 1st place 7/group story and Femme-FuhQ-Fest story, 2nd place Voyager group story in ASCEM's 2004 Golden Orgasm awards
recommended: at bright shiny objects

resistance is ~ [NC-17 for non-consensual sex]  1999.
the Borg Queen has a sexual fantasy.  a response to "Dark Frontier"

colonizing the body ~ [NC-17 for sex]  1999.
the requisite J/7 first time story, practically glued to canon. also my fan fiction cherry.
nominated: for "best guilty pleasure" in the J/7 Blue Awards

winner takes all ~ [NC-17 for sex, bdsm]  1999.
Janeway and Seven's habitual wager yields interesting results...
nominated: for "best 'shipper angst fic" in the Trefoil Awards [wayback]

J/P/T unfinished ~ [NC-17 for sex]  1999.
fragments of a Paris/Torres + Janeway story that never went anywhere. I was young, and it's rough -- but yet, there's still enough there (such as a few appealing naughty bits) that I think it's worth reading.

lots to learn ~ [PG-13 for mild perverseness]  1998.
I suppose this is actually my first fan fiction story, but only if you consider me a fan of the fans (which I am).  it's set in the Treksmut University (TSU) universe; TSU was collectively made up by members of the alt.startrek.creative.erotica.moderated newsgroup/list.  it's a virtual university of sorts for them to fictionally cavort in.  it's sort of hard to explain; try the TSU web page for more tantalizing tidbits.  the story is full of private jokes, but it should still be entertaining to the uninitiated.  I was working on "colonizing the body" when I wrote it, but it's just as much a spoof of my real college woes.

NEW VOY "cyborg sex" J/7 [NC-17] 1/1: New Methodologies, New Fantasies ~ [academic]  2000-2002.
speaking of which, my undergraduate thesis (several versions).