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Habeas Corpus ~ [NC-17]  2006.
West Wing + Battlestar Galactica: Evelyn Baker Lang/Laura Roslin
the Great Writ of habeas corpus allows the Judicial Branch to play a necessary role in maintaining this delicate balance of governance, serving as an important judicial check on the Executive's discretion in the realm of detentions. (Justice O'Connor, Hamdi v. Rumsfeld)
winner: The "We Want More!" Award for the Story We'd Most Like to See a Sequel To in the wingswing

V for Vaporous ~ [NC-17]  2004.
West Wing: Amy/Abbey, Amy/CJ, (Abbey/CJ), (Amy/Donna)
politics itself exudes a pheremone

trigger finger ~ [NC-17 for rough!sex]  2005.
Law&Order:SVU + Cold Case: Olivia Benson/Lilly Rush
"You think there’s no difference between a desperate lover and a killer, Lilly? Do you care to find out?"

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tiny fics with strict word counts (technically, 100 exactly -- in my case up to 250)
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